Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Friends will be friends #2

There are lots of people in the life of everyone of us. Some of them are for good. Some of them pass and go. Some impress a mark in our hearts. Some are a gift from Heaven. Some are a pain in the ass.

What follows is another picture of the people I share my time with. Some of them are always there, some show up once in a while. But I love them all, in different ways.

I've started working for the Addams two years ago and since then I've come to know all my co-workers a bit more day by day: as I've told you before, they're quite a bunch of idiots. But, as the saying goes, it must be an ill wind that blows nobody any good, so in between of all these silly chicks there's an outsider.. Frook is not easy to be with. She's the most reserved person I've ever met. She's very friendly with people but won't let anyone get really close to her. She's a complex mix... a frightened child yet an energetic friend, a brisk worker yet a sweet doggy-mommy. She's there when I need help and support, and as she's let me take a look under her surface, I can tell she feels the same about me. Although we often have different points of view about the way we live our life, we deeply respect and care for each other. I think we met at the right time and hope our friendship will last for many many years to come.

Before working for the Addams and before working at the lab, I worked in a small office who dealt with medical remboursements for people with kidney transplants. At that time, the only places where they could have a fast transplant were Houston (USA) and Moscow (Russia), which where very expensive places to go, so we took care of all the documents needed to get some money back from the local administration. I was 19 at that time, and Lawnmo' was 28 or so. He volounteered at one of the city hospitals in the nephrology wing, giving piano lessons to the kids stuck in bed during dialysis. Sometimes he went at our office (the people I worked for where volounteers either) and spent the morning talking with me. After a short time he found a job as a gardener in a local school for disabled people, and he still works there (doing great great things). He's generous and simple, and has always treated me with the utmost kindness. Lately we've got closer than in the past; he treats me like the sister he's never had and now that we're adults I can fully appreciate the honesty of our frienship.

Chippendale is sunshine in form of a woman. She's in her late 30's and works as a mechanical engineer in a beautiful city in the north of Italy. Even if she's been there for just a few years now, she's already made a great career and is constantly doing great at what she does.
She is the happy mom of a small army of female pets (an almost-dalmatian bitch and 4 cats) with whom she shares her flat, her sofa and her warm smile. She's bright, smart and always colorfully dressed. Together with Seaweed, she's one of the three witches of my Sabbath and I love her deeply.

After the remboursement office and the lab I worked in a call center. That's where I've met Fleep and her shy manners. She's almost my age but time seems to have forgotten to leave its mark on her body making her look like a 14-years-old girl. It's quite strange how we've become so close, considering all the differences between us, but I think that our relationship is basically made of respect and trust, which is a great thing.

Growing up I've obviously found out that being friends is not exactly being alike or sharing the same way of life.

Sometimes it's all about caring and being cared for. Sometimes it's simply about being there when someone needs us. Always it's about being ourselves.

It is about caring and being cared for....and trying to find and master the balance of all that.

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