Thursday, April 13, 2006


Election day

Last Sunday was election day here in Italy. We had to choose between that unbearable dwarf who was our prime minister and the soporific old granpa who's gonna be the next.
Yes, this tells who won. Or, better, who lost less. Because though many of us expected the center-left coalition to win hands down and mr.dwarf to go home at last, this mission turned out to be hard to accomplish. But let's see what happened.

On Monday afternoon I put a 1-litre-bottle of Heineken in the fridge, cooked a great dinner and invited Sikbros home to follow minute by minute what was happening on tv. The voting stations closed at 3 pm. At half past 3 the exit-polls where all about Prodi winning the contest with more than 54% of the votes. I decided not to hurry in partying and on I went with my cooking routine. At 8 pm it was clear that the exit polls were worth shit and that mr.dwarf was winning in the counting for the Senate.

To cut it short, nothing was made clear before 3 in the morning, but I went to bed definitely earlier, deciding that a country that wasn't able to understand who to vote for wasn't worth my attention. I mean, the country has gone through one of the most ridiculous and frightening periods I can think of. Nothing happened in a democratic country compares to what has happened here during the lst 5 years. Things were even worse during the pre-electoral debates. Everybody out of Italy knows that we were governed by an awful figure, who is now - thank God - our ex-prime minister. He has thrown our country's reputation in the mud, behaving like a perfect moron both at the European Parliament and abroad. He gave a picture of Italy as of a place crowded by big-boobed secretaries (yep, women can't have any other job for this genius) and old but still smart latin lovers. WTF! someone should have told him that nothing that comes from a movie made in the 50's should be used in politics! He's made a fool of himself wherever he's gone - not so bad, considering that he IS a freaking fool - and made us, poor victims at home, cover our face in shame at seeing him on tv.

What else did my connationals need to open their eyes??

Thanks mostly to the awful election campaign made up by the central-left party some 20% of the voters has chosen to give their vote to this clown and the central-left coalition has won with just a paper thin advantage.

This is really more than I can understand. Even a 2-years-old toddler would have known what to say to make Italians feel more confident about voting for one coalition instead of another. It should have been almost impossible for them to lose this competition, but you see, their masochistic nature eventually shows up.. so they messed up the good cards they had and ended up thinning the advantage they had until almost losing.

Of course now mr.dwarf can't accept the truth - which is, he has to GO HOME. He simply can't, it's not in his selfish, bossy nature. So he's making a fuss about re-counting the votes and stuff. I'm petrified and think I'll be holding my breath until the verdict of the Supreme Court (designed to declare the official winner party) will put him in conditions of causing no further damage.
Believe me, it's not a matter of left or right anymore. It's a matter of dues and rights, now.
Though I don't think that the future government will make a big difference, at least I hope they won't use our left few resources for their own benefit. .

I thought I would have been happier than I am, due to the results. This lovely, wonderful country of ours is battered and weary. It surely couldn't stand the rude manners of another troll like him, it surely deserves a better, constant, solid government. Which, I'm afraid, we won't have anyway.

Needless to say, the bottle's still in the fridge.

title from: Election day - Duran Duran

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