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The Bee-tch is back part 2

Summer of 2003 was a hard one to go through. My love life was getting flushed down the toilet, the only job I found was in a call center and I had no weekends and no holidays like the rest of my friends. When I was free they worked, when I worked they were free. So I had quite a lot of spare time to spend with myself.

After the German asshole, Bee had just started going out with another man, a mild sweet eyed Indian guy, short and thin. She's quite tall, buxom and rather fat... I'll spare you all the evil jokes we all made about him breaking his bones when in bed under her... yeah, we're a bunch of buggers, at times...

During those months I wrote a huge amount of stuff for the cooking lessons I wanted to start in autumn, and - in all modesty - I did a great job. I even learned to use new tools on my pc to make a leafleat and some other advertising material. We had no money at all, but I was very driven and when I really love something I could climb the mountains... All this material was given to print and had a great success wherever we showed it.

It took me quite a while to convince Bee that we could make it with the lessons, as she didn't feel comfortable at the idea of speaking "in public" and teaching - she's more of the silent artist kind - but she couldn't deny the facts: the idea was good and the time had come for us to actually DO something.

So, after a few months' preparation, the classes started. We had two different groups of people, and it was very good for a start. The lessons turned up to be very funny and interesting, we were different but complementary and people really enjoyed themselves while learning. The kitchen was colorful and lively with fresh vegetables, I made some arrangements with different cereal grains (black rice, barley, corn and so on), she put bunches of wheat ears around the room... Jeez.. it was a feast!

The courses ended in late May 2004 and as in April I had started my current job - but hadn't quit with the call center yet - I often worked from 8 am to midnight. So, while I was dead tired and trying hard to survive my two jobs, she thought well to throw loyalty and trust out of the window and secretly started another course. All by herself. The devil teaches us his tricks but not how to hide them, so one evening Minnie told me to have seen Bee showing off "her" success about the last course.. That was the last straw.

I felt naive, betrayed, angry, sad, let down and anything you may think about.

It took me months to simply talk about this to my friends. And lots of counselling sessions to learn that - simple as that - signs were there from the start. Things went the only way they could. I could have been wiser, smarter, whatever, but the truth was I had needed her as a friend, and I had needed to prove myself I could make it with the lessons.

In the end, I'm not angry anymore. There are times when I miss her. Times when I long for our time together, our talks and all those cold winter evenings spent on her couch, a cup of tea and the warmth of a family.

That's why, when she called me last week, I anwered quietly and, since she asked, gave her my home number. I perfectly knew she wasn't going to call me despite saying the contrary.

You see, as generous as she can be, she'll never be trustworthy. And that's what brings this story to an end.

Trust, integrity. Two very imporatnat charactersitics. It is good that you know what to expect.

Ciao for now.
Trust, integrity. Two very imporatnat charactersitics. It is good that you know what to expect.

Ciao for now.
God is in the gears means in spanish, i dont know italian but you can get a translation: Dios esta manejando el carro que correa destino
avolokitisvara - thanks a lot. I had a faint idea of the tranlsation and it works well in italian too. :)
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