Sunday, September 24, 2006


Everything counts in large amounts

Writing again. And it's not easy after such a long time. It's been almost a month since I wrote the last post and in the meantime lots of things have happened. Lots of changes both inside and outside me. Job, friends, love, health. Almost everything has slightly or deeply changed, and I'm still coping with it, or trying to.

Seaweed's mom died a few weeks ago, and I'm still struck both for her death and for my beloved brave Seaweed's infinite pain. Some other people left their suffering bodies too. It's been a tough moment for many of us, both here and there, out in the blog world.

Coming to me, my life's still quite "fluid", it doesn't seem to condensate in a satisfactory form yet, and therefore my body's starting a rebellion, or so it seems. I'll know something more about it in a few weeks, after some hospital routine and a large amount of white hair.

All this have had me deeply thinking. Much more than I expected too. About life, death, love, karma and all the rest. You know, all the things we young women in our thirties usually think while waiting for our turn at the hairdresser.

I 've come to think that facts are not so important, in the end... I mean, it doesn't really matter what I'm doing, who I'm seeing or whatever else I may think of writing now. What difference could it make if we're crying because of a harsh word or an evil behaviour? If we're laughing for a funny movie or for some crazy thing our pet did? The only thing that counts is whether we're laughing or crying, how we feel and how we're struggling to become better people.
What counts is how much we're loving each other. How much we're loving ourselves.

Anyway, my mind's not clear enough to really talk about anything. I just wanted to say hi to everyone out there, to thank those who showed even the faintest interest in where the hell I had gone... even without having to cash any debt from me!

I'll be back soon, or I'll try to. In the meanwhile, have fun and do nothing that I wouldn't do.. or wouldn't write of!
Title from: Everything counts - Depeche Mode

Back again in my blog too.
Don't give up. Things are not always so bad as they seem. Life is a very strange game we NEED to play.
I'll hug you tight.
I stopped trying to find a meaning to everything, sometimes it is better to live without...Without answers, without doubts, without pain... But most of the time it is better to live asking why for everything...Just a little bit complicated, I supposed.
Popping by to say hi.
plin plon.
just to let you know I always drop by to see how you're doing
Hey. You blogging yet?

Happy New Year, btw.
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