Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So, I am leaving

To relax, recover, have fun.

To eat a lot of wonderful food and buy some more books about food and visit dozens of shops where I will finally buy the amazing macarons of the picture.

To give myself a present for once.

To stop craving for sex.

title from: Cry - Sarah Jane Morris

So so so glad you checked in.

Yes I'm back and still full of wonder at your words.

Have a wonderful vacation.

But darling you must never stop craving for sex, NEVER!

Those macarons look delish but they will never replace a...ah...well you know what I mean.

Yeah, you're right, nothing compares to REAL GOOD sex.. and this is exactly why I must stop craving for it, as no man on sight seems to be "suitable" for this role... ehm...
un bacio enorme
macaroons! macaroons!
My, this food is hounting me... I discovered it in France, but did not ever had the chance to taste them... and in the UK, same story. I'm leaving on Tuesday to Frankfurt. Let's hope I'll be luckier there!
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