Sunday, May 14, 2006


Sunday Bloody Sunday

There's something wrong with the skin on my back. It's been 2 months now that it's been covered with red spots, something vaguely resembling herpes that has bothered me beyond imagination.
As I was going through a slightly stressful period (so to speak...) I thought I only needed some rest and some - try to guess.. - peace. I thought my body was asking for attention and my liver was tired. And I still think this could be one of the possible explanations.
During the sesshin I felt really better - and this event kind of confirmed my theory - but once I got home my back turned into the same pizza it was before..
Now, unless Mel Brooks was planning to shoot Spaceballs 2 and asked me to star as Pizza the Hut, I needed to put and end to this.
Last week I made my decision and went to see my doctor. Thruthfully speaking I don't put much trust in "conventional" medicine, but anyway..
As I expected, the doctor had no idea of what to say, I think he was just trying to guess between some hormonal disease (which I'm sure it's wrong), a virus from the aliens or a thyroid disfunction (which could be possible at last as almost every woman in my family has suffered from it..).
He ordered me to do blood tests for some 5 zillion euros.
Needless to say, if I had the money to pay for those tests I'd be on a holiday in Mauritius and I would have silk instead of skin on my back.
Anyway, I thought I could have killed two birds with one stone if I had gone to give blood to a hospital. Firstly I would have done something I've longed to do for many years but haven't been allowed as I was too thin. Secondly, as they always make some blood test before accepting you as a donor, I could have saved some money, then go to a laboratory to have the rest of my tests done.
This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn - even if it's Sunday - and went to the medical center.
I felt great. I was going to do something useful for me and for the others. Wow. Not even 9 o'clock and I was going to do the first good action of the day.
They had me waiting for some 20 minutes, then asked me to fill a questionary, then called me for a quick visit before the donation.
The doctor was tall and kind. My blood pressure was ok. My questionary was ok. My weight was borderline (half a kilo less and it would have been too little). My hemoglobin was (and is) outrageously low..

doctor - well, I can't take any blood from you, unless you come back with a hemoglobin of at least 12. Yours is 10, if you give blood you may have troubles in reforming all your blood cells.

me - ok, then.. maybe I can come back some other time, I'll try to "recover" in the meanwhile...

doctor - yes, of course. One thing left: ask your doctor to order you some tests. You might need a check up.

me - yeah, right. Why haven't I thought about it myself...

Today's title from: Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2

Wish I had your weight problem.
You can have some of mine....
oh, I wish I had some of yours, unless I could put it in the right places.. :-)

i love your profile picture...back later after my walk and getting some necessary chores done...

cheers for now,
Hi Phi,
i love the picture you have for your profile photo .. i would like to be able to see it in more detail.

I can give you some of mine to share too. All kidding aside, I do hope that you can find what is going on. It could be all of those things mentioned or it could simply be acne from hormonal fluctuations.
My guess is "alien viruses" :-)

btw, side info: may I have your email? Mine is public on my profile. CU
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