Thursday, May 04, 2006


Sex and zen

Not that anybody cared (apart this witty friend at the Hamster's cage, maybe) but.. well, this in the picture is more or less what I've been doing during the last weeks.

Besides destroying what was left of my dignity making love to the most unfitting man in the world. Who, much to my disgrace, fits me like a glove when in bed.

Well, to cut it short, I badly need a real vacation from this world.

Doing the zen thing can be so healing. I hope you can find the refueling you are looking for.

is he still the sweatshirt sleeve man?
Yeah, sometimes we badly need for a vacation from this world, but apparently day offs are not allowed... so we just got to live on

Dabogirl (and hamster)
@ Deb - yes, it can be really healing..

@ Dabofriend - not at all.. even if the sweatshirt man is becoming dearer and dearer to me day by day, I'm not so keen on repeating *that* experience, so to speak... :-))
and yes, days off are not allowed.. thank God there are friends and family and that little sparkling soul of ours to keep us standing.
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