Friday, May 05, 2006


Seek and destroy

I'm pissed off beyond words can say. I don't want to go into any detail, as the whole thing is not worth a single thought. People are people, the sooner I give up my naive illusions about everybody being basically good, the best for me.

As at the moment I'm still at work and I'm not able to actually do anything, best thing I can do is write a short list of

do's and dont's for when you're really really pissed off:

1) Picture yourself as the incredible Hulk and imagine crashing the moron's skull on a wall and smashing it like a walnut (repeat at libitum until you calm down or actually turn green)

2) Write something down. Draw. Let your rage become an object, something out of you, something you can look at. Don't let it become "yourself"

3) Be truth to your feelings. Don't try to sort the mess out immediately if the only thing you want to do is killing someone. Wait for the slaughtering craving to pass. If it doesn't pass, consider buying lots of books. It'll be very boring, in jail...

4) Always try to find an explanation for what has happened, try to understand why people behave like they do. Maybe you've started the process, even without noticing. But don't lie to yourself, don't justify everybody: a filthy bastard is a filthy bastard, no matter how hard you analyse it.

5) If you can, don't lower your "attitude level" to match anyone else's. I.E. don't swear like a sailor just because the person you're having a fight with does.

6) Don't say things you don't think just because you're hurt. They really can kill. And are hardly forgiven if ever forgotten.

7) Allow yourself the chance to really vent about your rage. Scream, smash something (your mommy's crystal glasses are never a good item for this purpose..), run. Let your body detoxicate from anger.

8) When you feel the time has come, relax the best way that you can. Yoga, chocolate, shopping, meditation, prayers, flattering friends.. choose what really fits you and don't spare yourself anything good.

.. ok, it may have been totally useless for anybody else, but now I feel better. The unworthy asshole's head is safe from my green fury. I quit the Hulk's behaviour.

But, thinking it over, if Hulk's not the answer, maybe Kenshiro is...

His rotten head is due to explode in 10 seconds from now...9...8....7....

Today's title from: Seek and Destroy - Metallica

Uhm... Metallica and Hokuto No Ken, what a powerful pair!
However, what about a TaijiQuan session? Let's say... a couple of hours? :-)
I see, you have been meditating a lot (previous post), but Taiji is different. It is moving (I mean active) meditation; do you know it?

Take care and all my best
Thats a good list.

I'm currently trying to tell myself "This person is doing the best they can with the resources available to them."

Sometimes it works..

The rest of the time I quietly wait for the universe to exact its own brand of payback. Which it always does.

Nice choice of title by the of my favourite songs!
hi phi!
About the video of "amo a laura" it's only a psychology game: a campaign that says "Don't watch MTV" to make watch MTV.
They have create a fictitious asociation that promoves the chastity with that hilarious clip.
Non parli italino? che cazzo fai nella italia? Grazie per leggermi! Ciao!
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