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The time has come for all of you to get to know my brother. TA - DAAAA!!!

And for me to think about something else who's not Mr.I-Don't-Love-You and his bearded face. WTF!

Lot of books have been written about Oedipus and Electra complex. Zillions of people can relate to that.
But what about us, sisters lost in worship for their brothers? I know there's some of you out there, chicks, don't try to hide..

My brother is, that goes without saying, the most smart, funny, sensitive guy in the world. He's flawless. Apart from being complicated, messy, basically unorganized and - God forgive - a heavy smoker. But I'm the only one who can criticize.. I almost killed people for much less than a bad word on him!

When he was born, the story says I bossed my parents around to name him after my daddy's father. They wanted to keep grandparents out of the name lottery, but I gave them hell till they agreed. I was only 4 years old.. how could you blame me? (look at the picture, look at the picture...)

Anyway, I'll dub him Kee just for the blog.

He's lived in the North of Italy in the last 3 years or so and since he's left our parents' home we've kind of got closer and closer.
We are adults now, and we cherish our relationship as one of the most precious things in life. We both know our parents won't be here forever and our family is such a small one that, in the end, we could be each other's only relative. I know it's a strange feeling, we're not survivors on a desert island, but sometimes that's how we feel.
Especially him, because he doesn't like the place where he lives that much. People are cold and stiff and in spite of his really good attitude at making friends he only has a few acquaintances but nothing more.

He's tall and dark, with big brown eyes and long eyelashes. When he was a child and mommy cleaned his ears he cried so much his eyelashes looked like a wet wig.. it was irresistibly funny, poor one!
Growing up he's become a handsome young man with that gloomy charm that girls soon started to appreciate, much to his surprise.
He's always been some Gyro Gearloose since he was so small he could hardly walk, and made all the family stare at him in awe. He started disassembling radios and watches when the other kids hardly played with Lego. When he was no more than 3 or 4 years old he realized that a sharp nail could work as a record player, if he made the record spin fast enough. I see him, lying on the carpet of our room, with one of his records (he had dozens, just like a baby girl would have had dolls) spinning fast and his ear almost pressed on it...opening his eyes in amazement and shouting "it plays!"
I always felt a bit dumb if compared to him.. I was very good at school and was a quiet girl, very thoughtful for my age, but he was so smart and incredibly clever he left us all speechless!
When he started talking fluently (we both were very precocious at that..) it was like living with Woody Allen, a running fire of slapsticks that sometimes confused people around him. Not to mention my younger cousins, victims of his cunning tricks!!

I have to admit I often suffered for his appearently cold manners, when he was in his 20's and I left home I missed him so much I cried in bed while Pi tried to soothe me..
I think we both missed some good times because of that silliness that catches you when you're in your teens, but that's how it goes!

We've shared so many funny moments and so many heavy thoughts and yet every time we talk it's like meeting for the first time, he surprises me with nice words and slaps me with pragmatic resolutions. Once he called me and didn't talk, he played 3 minutes of jazz guitar over the phone. At the end he just said "I was thinking of you, and wanted to let you know that I'm improving my technique, bye".
Not to mention all the times he called or sent me a message just to have a good laugh about politics, or cartoons, or something from our childhood he suddendly remembered.

I know I'm just talking about feelings and not about facts, but today my heart's on a boat and the sea is wild. It's much too difficult to write anything better than this.
The only way to really show you how he is, would be posting a photograph. A picture of my eyes when I look at him, proud of being his sister. Proud of being his family.

Wow, great post! And I love the Shrek little kitty picture. The eyes always have it!


Thanks for stopping my blog!!

smoking is just such a turn off, don't you find?

I found you by looking for "lust" in the search engine. (-:
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