Monday, November 21, 2005


I will survive

There are lots of unpredictable and awful things in life. Events you hardly recover from. So was yesterday's Company Ravishing Annual Party. C-r-apital letters are there on purpose...
ok..Let's explain a little bit more..

Company: I've worked for these donkeys for one year and a half now, and I've realized that these people do make me sick like no one I've ever known in life. Liars, skinflints, redneck morons. In my village we have a saying that goes something like "a louse in a silk bag", meaning someone really crappy wrapped in money or in power or whatever. Just what they are, in the end: styleless chaps pretending to be classy.
Ravishing: don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean charming, it's more on the kidnapping side... you can't run and you can't hide, if you miss the invitation you're sure to be mocked in the alleys, tortured in the bathroom and - as happened to me last year - summoned in the Great Chief's Office, the one with human skin armchairs and stuffed ex-employees heads on the walls.
Annual: yep, no way they miss one bloody year..
Party: it is techically kind of a lunch in a grand reastaurant. Practically there's no word to describe this so-called event. It's like a little crowd of victimes taken hostage by a bunch of delirious assholes who try to boost their ego with ridiculous speeches, music, wine..just let your imagination do the rest.

So yesterday - my day off work, in theory - I had to endure this experience. My temper hasn't strenghtened, my patience hasn't increased. Yet I went back with a sore throat because of the heating and a stomach full of cockroaches - or so it felt. Spent the rest of the evening chasing down the world for any form of real/human life - well, I basically stayed on the couch knitting, but you won't be too strict, will you?

oh, we've been lucky if compared to what happened last year ... at least we didn't have to wear green clownish wigs..

Yikes, what a place!

yeah, Deb.. I made fun of something but the truth is that THAT PLACE SUCKS!
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